10 things unique to the ABCI AI SUPERCOMPUTER UPGRADE.

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ABCIAI supercomputer

ABCI AI SUPER COMPUTER-If you are interested in AI artificial intelligence, you are welcome. Today, Japan has decided to upgrade its supercomputer to beat the wild standards.

ABCI is an AI bridge cloud infrastructure system where it is important to perform accurate performance of machine learning workloads.

ABCI AI SUPERCOMPUTER has more than 2500 users connected to the Fujitsu integrated machine. By 2019, I’m running over 360 current projects, from university government agencies to private companies.

The ABCI architecture has evolved from a 2U server to a 4U server, adding NV switches to improve communication performance on each node.

The expected boost has moved from V100 to A100. 2 * Ready-to-use improvements. Takano states that there is room for improvement in the performance of in-network scaling.

The “green AI algorithm” is easily handled by the ABCI architecture. This architecture can accommodate up to five times the average life expectancy of an average car.

The ABCI architecture also allows you to use hybrid commodity supercomputing cooling technology in a cloud environment. It is intended to allow AIST to use a mixture of air and water for cooling purposes while the system uses the same power and energy during peak hours.

A container-based ecosystem with core programming and other tools as part of the standard stack enables external users. This will allow AIST to continue to provide AI computing resources to Japanese companies and research institutes, enabling a surge in AI-enabled companies and universities. In a country

Japan has been known as a prolific technology company since the early 1960s, and has been produced from game consoles and electronic systems for televisions. It’s not surprising that this is one of the few countries where I designed supercomputers. It has been published

AIST Japan is the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. The head office is located in Tsukuba Science City, Ibaraki Prefecture. An organization that proves research conducted in Japan

Finally, ABCI has no custom accelerators, only Intel and Nvidia as processing bases, and a fast combination of flashes with a large amount of memory capabilities backed by the IBM Spectrum Scale file system.


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