Its the business of the future to be dangerous.

The Neural dust can be implanted anywhere in any nerve before you even come to know.

UC Berkley, the University of California proposed in 2011 in a paper; the benefits and challenges of BCI (the long-lasting brain-computer interface). all this is not even comparable to the Neural dust which uses ultrasound compared to other similar devices that use electoral magnetic waves.

  1. The Neural Dust is one millimeter in size
  2. The Neural Dust is wirelessly powered nerve sensors
  3. The Neural Dust is derived from “smart dust”
  4. The Neural Dust is implantable in the body
  5. The Neural Dust provides data in real-time using  electrical signals
  6. The Neural Dust is from the University of California, Berkeley
  7. The Neural Dust is a brain-computer interface (BCI)
  8. The Neural Dust is connecting activity to the central nervous system
  9. The Neural Dust uses of ultrasound technology
  10. The Neural Dust and the role of Backscatter Communication
  11. The Neural Dust and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies
  12. The Neural Dust and Neural prosthetics
  13. The Neural Dust and Electrostimulation
  14. The Neural Dust and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  15. The Neural Dust and spinal cord injury
  16. The Neural Dust and Epilepsy
  17. The Neural Dust and StimDust
  18. The Neural Dust 
  19. The Neural Dust
  20. The Neural Dust

2. The Neural Dust is wirelessly powered nerve sensors

Before the neural dust, Brain-Machine Interaction (BMI) has been a challenge over years in medical history.

Until the low power CMOS circuit coupled with ultrasonic power delivery.

The neural dust can stay in your body for over a number of years compared to today’s’ implantable electrodes (connected to wires) that degrade within 2 years.

The time the Nueral Dust came in with implatable nuearal intaerface system, powered with 100 microsecond and 6 times nanosecond ultra sound


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