Wuhan Coronavirus: Protecting your self is no evil, and it won’t be either if you carry the following gadgets to Wuhan in China.

Nose Mask for Wuhan Coronavirus

Don’t be ashamed, please wear a face mask always in Wuhan. Since the coronavirus is an Infectious disease of a flu type like SARS, the Nose mak should be in handy

Sanitanitizer for Wuhan Coronavirus

A sanitizer is enough but if you can carry JIk it is not bad its self. A suspicious attempt to touch an infected person will be enough for you to wash your hands with a sanitizer to avoid corona flu.

Hand Gloves to protect your handshake

Avoid handshake always but if you can carry hand gloves This will do you good. In times where people find it offensive, shaking hands with gloves won’t be so bad.

Body Mask is not Evil in Wuhan China

CoronaVirus is deadly and if you can carry a body mask. if the medics wear masks to traverse search areas what about you.


Antibiotics are known to subdue various infections. These will alert you in knowing whether you will get cured or not in times where you cant access medical help. (Warning: If you feel any symptoms please visit a medical center as soon and dot rely on medical help.)

Your own Food

In times where you won’t be able to access groceries or food markets. uncooked food should be in handy. If the army does not arrive on time to deliver food portions. you will be able to avoid dying a second death, literally from hunger.

Carry a torch to Wuhan

With search contagious infections, expect riots if the worst goest o the worst. People can easily riot, and this is followed by load shedding. Forgetting your own torch will be forgetting a key.

In case the power goes off expect to touch things and the least of all will be dead bodies


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