According to Forbes, Zackberg has lost over 6Billion USD in just 4 hours the three apps have not been on. He has now fallento the 5th position among the richest.

No one new how twitter use hate other users, why would they say all these things.

The 3 Apps ZuckBerg apps that always disrupt planet earth are not any more at least for 4 Hours now.

With the 3 Hash tags #FaceBookDown, #WhatsAppDown , and #InstagramDown have disrupted not only social media but also putting business at a standstill.

No one is in a better place other than ZackBerg to explain the Financial implication the 3 companies are to incur.

Probably what Twitter users are suggesting might put back the 3 social medias

Read these and see how these might be one of the ways your favorate media will be back.

The Meme Below shows possibly future engineers that are trying to sort out simple solutions that might resurrect FaceBookDown, WhatsAppDown, and Instagram


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