Happy Birthday Bang Chan | Stray Kids

Disruptimes.com has come to know Bang Chan birthday from the #TrippleThreatBangChan and that so S.Korean many girls have poured him much love.

You all know that Our Leader Bang Chan, the lead singer of stray kids, by his 24th birthday is not married.

Please meet the 3 girls who love Bang Chan by soul.

BangChan PhotoCredit Pinterest

1. Dinaaa8 @tsundere

She loves almost all the stray kids and wishes the happiest birthday to channie. She complements Bang Chanas a gem of a person , and she continues to say, and then confesses, “I don’t know what I will ever do with out you” I love you so so so much

For a person in love will say this, “I really wanted to make someting for channie, but this isn’t that good coz I still suck at making edits so bear with me please.”

In another tweet, Dinaaa wishes BangChan “happiest Birthday to our best leader with the purest soul and a heart of Gold!!!.” you have no idea how much you have influenced my life and I am forever grateful to you, STAY blessed and happy.  Dinaaa tells Channie that he is the bestestand she loves him so much.

2. Tina7

She tweeted celebrating an important ‘BirthSTAY’. Tina romantics how Bang Chan #TrippleThreatBangChan formed the the SKZ with his own hands.

It makes her happy to know that today Chan fulfilled his dream. Tina7 @sugtaetae also came close at noticing how Bang Chan’s birthday Ads are really incredible and she loves them.

3. Sun Emo @hwabubal

She says Happy birthday my love Bang Chan. Sun Emo really cant miss a show of the Stray Kids. Once she asked OIGAAN, “I just meant someone Q tell me, what was the presentation for the boys. ”

4. Bang Chan’s mom

She said these 4 things

  1. Happy birth day our North Star Bang Chan
  2. Happy birth day my love
  3. Happy birth day best Leader
  4. You deserve all titles

The tribute of love goes to all mothers who care for their children and decide to nature their big talents even when they look so tinny. In one of the youtube videos, Bang Chan is seen dancing as his mummy plays the piano. By then Bang Chan #TrippleThreatBangChan was so tinny, her mom commented. Another photo shows Bangchan following his mom.


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