We are currently in disruptive times, and today it is the Roblox metaverse disrupting the world.

Thanks to Nail Stephenson who famously coined the term Metaverse in his 1992 novel “Snow crash” and Mathew Ball author of the extensive metaverse primer.

In October 2021 Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will shifting from being a social media company to a Facebook metaverse.

This is already increasing the worthiness VR gaming: Read my article “Is VR gaming worth it ? 13 unique reasons why”

What is a Metaverse or Roblox Metaverse?

According to Timesnewnow, the Metaverse is simply defined “as a version of the internet that you are inside instead of merely looking at.”

Wikipedia has a more technical definition of the Metaverse, click here to see.

Wikipedia acknowledges that the Metaverse has existed but in very limited versions. The website mentions the 2003 video game ‘Second Life‘ As the First Metaverse but also Minecraft and metaverse Roblox.

In 2021 Zuckerberg continuously disrupting the world declared his commitment to building the metaverse ecosystem. Microsoft has acquired the Altspace VR in 2017 and has been working on building the Microsoft metaverse using its features of Microsoft teams, while Google is still anticipating until Apple joins the scramble.

Nike is building its metaverse inside of ‘Roblox’

How do you enter the Metaverse/ Roblox Metaverse?

As Facebook Metaverse rebrands, Roblox metaverse will Rebrand too. According to Popular Mechanics to enter the metaverse you simply need virtual reality gaming headsets like Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive, Google stadia, or PlayStation 5 VR (PS5VR) among others.

Once you wear the headsets like Oculus quest 2 developed by Facebook, you enter into an online digital social space where you can meet your friends, play together bringing a world new inflection point in human-computer interaction.

What makes Roblox metaverse a metaverse?

+ What is Roblox anyway?

You are reading this article because you are interested in knowing more about Metaverse Roblox and how people earn money, least facebook Metaverse comes in when you know nothing at all.

Roblox or Metaverse Roblox was launched by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004.

+ Is Roblox a buy?

According to roblox.com, Roblox is completely free to join and free to download. However, you guys can easily purchase Robux, (virtual currency for Metaverse Roblox). To sustain any transaction in the metaverse makes Roblox a buy, hence the question is Roblox a buy?

For instance, 2000 Robux is equal to $24.99.

+ A Metaverse must have the following qualities, to be qualified as a Metaverse.

Is VR gaming worth it ? 13 unique reasons why

1. Non Fungible tokens, (NFTs) Metaverse Roblox

NFTs are blockchain certificates for authenticating digital objects, which could allow proof of ownership of goods in the Metaverse. For example, if you buy a virtual shirt in the metaverse platform like Roblox metaverse NFTs, create a permanent receipt and let you redeem the same shirt in other Metaverses.

This makes Roblox a fully functioning economy with the ability to empower creators to earn Robux for building items meant for others to purchase and convert their Robux into US dollars.

2. A virtual reality world for Roblox Metaverse.

According to qz.com, Quartz defines virtual reality as a world where you can go to school, play games, watch concerts, browse the store and show physical home; a 3D world. Metaverse Roblox is an immersive game where you can make your games with realism (to understand Roblox realism click devforum.roblox.com) an immersive environment.

3. Roblox metaverse is a MMORPG

( massively multiplayer online role-playing game)

Well Facebook METAVERSE is making a giant step in the Metaverse by investing billions and billions of dollars, millions of people we’re already interacting by playing games and building things together among them are Roblox and Minecraft gamers. other Metaverse looks alike include second Life, Fortnite, and Unreal Engine

4. Bonus point for Roblox Metaverse.- support for use as creating their virtual items and environments.

Roblox Metaverse provides the following.

  • a. Realism: Game realism

a lightweight character enhancing system, designed to be lightweight, easy to modify, minimally invasive to integrate into existing games.

  • b. Immersive environment (IE)

Very easy to set up, scalable to the extreme, with server-side or client-side, tweens, and the Blazing fast lightweight IE.

  • c. Character modeling

Immersive character modeling is synonymous with metaverse hence the Roblox metaverse. Katojo is one example of a Roblox programmer who is trying to focus on immersion and realism in his lands of hell game. Click here to read.

In conclusion

Think about opening the Roblox metaverse before Facebook Metaverse comes into play.

Do not be left out, you need to know how to invest in Metaverse stock, how to invest in Roblox stock, or play Roblox games and become a Roblox metaverse champions Roblox metaverse event.


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