1. UT Austin Machine Learning for Python  

  2. Udemy Machine Learning for Python 

  3. Geek for geeks Machine Learning for Python 

  4. Coursera Machine Learning for Python  

  5. Machine Learning Mastery for Python 

  6. Towards Data Science Machine Learning for Python 

  7.  Edx Machine Learning for Python 

  8. Tutorials Point Machine Learning for Python 

  9. Python Programming Machine Learning for Python 

Machine Learning for Python will definitely earn you a 6 figure salary $146085 dollars as a machine engineer. With ML you can become a Machine Learning Content creator, publish an ML Book, create a machine learning app, or become a consultant on data science

Machine Learning is a way of applying Artificial intelligence. ML will fire your application to become accurate in predicting outcomes.

The future of ML is now since people get more addicted to machines, and the addiction is like that of money heist on Netflix

1. Unique mentored learning at UT Austin Machine Learning for Python

The University of Texas at Austin offers a 6 months post graduate program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning through the Texas Executive Education.

This is what you get;

  • A certificate from UT Austin in 6 months
  • Over 60% of students transition to careers in 6 months
  • A unique mentored learning centored on small groups.
image Credits: UT Austin

2. Machine learning for Python at Udemy

Udemy offers a special offer with a limited time discount of over 30 days. With over 16,185,000 students learning python on Udemy, she is not a wrong choice for a school of ML

2 machine learning courses are available;

  • Machine learning A_Z : Hands on Python and R
  • Python for Data science and Machine Learning by Jose.
  • Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Master Machine Learning on Python, ML Models , accurate Predictions, and powerful analysis.

With Udemy you will study at your own pace on Web, IOS, or android at only $ 11.99. Learn from top industry, machine learning for python experts. Plus video courses on all Machine Learning Programs.

Image Credits : Udemy

3. Machine Learning for Python with Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for geeks looks at at Machine Learning as the most exciting technologies of the 21st Century. Do you want to understand Machine learning for Python in one course. Then Geeks for Geeks is for You.

This ML course will teach you over 10 Algorithms;

  • Supervised Machine learning
  • Unsupervised Machine learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Top ML algorithms like Naive Bayes, classifier and K means Clustering Algorithms
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Apriori Algorithms
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forests
  • K- Nearest Neighbours
  • Artificial Neural Networks
Image credits: https://miro.medium.com/

4. Machine Learning for Python Coursera

Like Udemy, the University of Michigan is offering machine learning for python on Coursera but for Free. That is Python for everybody specialization.

Do you want a to study Machine Learning for free?

With an enrollment of over 470000 students, you will learn to program and analyse data with python. Meet top instructor: Charles Russel Severance. Within 5 steps; develop, Gather, Clean, Analyse, and Visualize Data.

Within 8 months you will learn 5 ML Courses

  1. Programming for everybody
  2. Python Data Structures
  3. Using Python to access Webdata
  4. Use Databases with Python
  5. Retrieving, processing and visualizing data.

Enroll within 21 days

5. Machine Learning for Python with Machinelearningmastery.com

This ML course is so far the best Step by step guide with mastering machine learning for python project.

Machinelearningmastery.com, refers you to the PyCon2014 Conference where Melanie Warrick points to Arthur Samuel; that computers… ability to learn without …. explicit programming. In this ML Course you will learn how to use SciKit-Learn to Explore, Build, Test, and Visualize data products. Meet instructor Jason Brownie.

Your first ML project in Python Step by Step will Guide you on how to;

  1. Install the python and SciPy
  2. Load data set into Python
  3. Summarize data set
  4. Visualize data set
  5. Evaluate Algorithm
  6. Predict.

After you will definitely be on your way to writing more 6 ML projects on your own.

6. Towards Data Science Machine Learning Course for Python.

Like Machinelearning mastery.com, Towards Data scince will enable you to;

install the 5 key libraries

  1. SciPy
  2. Numpy
  3. MatPlotLib
  4. Pandas
  5. SkLearn

The following Courses are up for grabs

  1. The beginners guide to ML with Python by Oleksi Kharkovyma
  2. Mastery of ML in Python – towards data science with Sadrach Pierre, PhD
  1. Here the writer is focusing on choosing whether you will choose unsupervised learning or supervised learning. He goes deeper into clustering / classification / regression
  2. With a mastery course, you will be able to learn to construct ML models for medical diagnosis, predict stock prices

However you will need to upgrade to get unlimited access.

7. Edx.org for Python Machine Learning

 Youre reading this article because you want to learn machine learning for model building.

A few mentions from edx.org are here;

  1. Machine Learning with python ; from Linear models to deep learning
  2. Machine Learning with Python; A practical introduction
  3. Principles of Machine Learning; Python Edition
  4. Data Science by HarvardX
  5. IBM Data Science
  6. Python data Science
  7. Artificial Intelligence by Micros
  8. Data Science by UCSanDiegoX


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