7 Most Unique Fluffy Cats In The World #Caturday

Princess Pebbles @PebblesPuss2014
Princess Pebbles @PebblesPuss2014

Fluffy cats having Fluffiness is cherished all over the world. From the Black ones to the Orange and to sliver white kitties. No one loves a cat that looks like its been out in the rain for decades. Tabby’s are the most 

1.    Princess Pebbles : The all fluffy cat white and angelic Kitten found @PebblesPuss2014.

Her Royal Highness Princess Pebbles.

Princess Pebbles @PebblesPuss2014
Princess Pebbles @PebblesPuss2014

2.    Thor@Thor_tabby : The Duvet like Fluffy 

To introduce you to this kitten, – It’s beautiful, with fluffy far like a woolen woven duvet, and angelic white toes, and unimaginable swirls plus round eyes. If you miss the eyes, you can easily pick it up like a woolen duvet to cover yourself. Then you will have picked up the most beautiful kitty kitty for yourself.

3.    The Orange Fluffy Ginger Tony@gingertomtony


7 year old CP adopted ginger prince. Loves dreaminess, mousing and naps. Extra fluffy; definitely not fat.Smiling cat face with open mouth from Worcester, England who Joined October 2018 With over 2,195 Following And 3,800 Followers

4.    The all Fluffy George The Stourbridge Junction Station Cat@TheStourbridge

Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second-rate version of someone else.

-Judy Garland. Just be yourself, there is no one better.

Night night sweet dreamies You’ll never talk to anyone as much as you talk to yourself, so make sure the words you speak to yourself are filled with love and compassion and the same kindness & understanding you extend to others

5.    Princess Betty CrownSmiling cat face with heart-shaped eyesCrown @Betty_Boo_Kat

I’m Princess Betty – a Pom Pom Ragdoll Cat from Essex now living with my 2 Dads in #Holmfirth pleased to meet mew #Ambassacats fur West Yorkshire

6.    🐈Skippy🐈Kevy🐈Badger@Andrea56822453

Hi, my name is Skippy and these are my siblings and best friends Kevy the tortie, and Badger the floofy Snowshoe. Follow skippykevybadger on instagram! Joined March 2020, 723 Following 1,216 Followers

7.Gizmo Cute Kitty@GizmoCuteKitty

I was adopted from Cats Protection when I was 14 weeks old I am an indoor cat. No DMs unless we are friends. No porn I am also on instagram @gizmo_cute_kitty.East Midlands, England Joined January 20216,251 Following6,736 Followers

8.    CeCe and Pearl enjoy the weekend with a good book and a comfy robe: Cecepearlandtheboys @ceceandpearl1 

Two inseparable kittie sisters, and our two bratty little brothers. We had a rough start in life…making up for it now. Follow us (we follow back)


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