Artificial wombs; are we entering the dystopian world?

A dystopian world is a society where life is engineered like an assembly line. | To mechanize birth, life and death barely show no difference from the world of robots.

Are we becoming robots in the near future?

The punishments we shall serve with artificial wombs can never be transferred to the next generation.

Should we continue fighting technology – artificial wombs

how is technology becoming a problem more than a solution?

Are humans embracing the worst traits?

  1. Artificial wombs will enable infertile couples to have children.
  2. Parents can conceive and go back to work. This artificial wombs tech will complete wise change the rules to human fertility.
  3. Artificial wombs will help in the declining desire to have kids. Today parents aren’t having children and the population is aging.
  4. Can we have more citizens today make more babies? Can the governments enforce that, than the use of artificial wombs?
  5. The government through artificial wombs will be able to breed and condition its own citizens.
  6. With healthy artificial wombs that we shall have disease-free children. It will be easily the selection of best traits. The configuration is for a better trait.
  7. You will see rows upon columns of artificial wombs ready to make healthy living citizens. 
  8. Ectogenesis – Human pregnancy (JBS) Haldine Discusses how one day, a artificial wombs would give way to artificial wombs.
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