I bet USD50 if you win as Hunters, Titans, Guardians, and Berserkers if you are not a Warlock. 

Destiny 2’s Lifall Expasion has gladly put Warlock as the winner of this game. With Threadings, that form as Explosive Minions, Arcane Needle, Midspun Invocation, Weavers call, and super Needlestorm

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion particularly for warlocks as a game has been improved with lots of exciting changes. STRAND, has been introduced and Warlocks are set for versatility and a very powerful subclass is set to bring in an immeasurable unique style of gameplay to all subclasses and guardians

The ability to control the battlefield in Destiny 2‘s PvP and PvE 

Initially, without Strands’ new effects the Warlocks, Titans, Guardians, and Hunters would not otherwise be able to control the battlefield. What strand brings in is referred to ultimately as weaving, in the trinity; that is Suspend, Unravel, and Server. As a player, you would be in a position to reduce the enemy’s damage output reducing their threat using the server. Cause the threat to burst out of the enemy and attack nearby targets using Unravel. Plus lifting the enemy off the ground to disable them using Suspend

in Destiny 2’s Lightfall, as a Warlock you can summon explosive minions referred to as THreadings. These Explosive Minions are made from Strand Matter with characteristics of exploding, running forward, and even jumping on enemies. This time round the Warlocks have been energized to summon the threads with ease even when the warlock will never use them, the threads will string around him.

in Destiny 2’s Lightfall, the Warlocks are empowered in 4 ways, 

Mindspun Invocation – Weaver’s Call allows Warlocks to weave three Threading eggs, which hatch into the minions when they hit a surface, while any perched Threadlings can also be converted into additional eggs.

Weaver’s Call – improves the Warlock’s abilities, such as Destiny 2‘s Strand grapple mechanic, Threading Grenade, and Shackle Grenade. The Shackle Grenade allows Warlocks to gain a buff, creating a suspending detonation on every kill.

Arcane Needle -, a deadly projectile that tracks targets and unravels them upon impact. Warlocks can quickly chain three Arcane Needle attacks in a row, making them a formidable force in combat.

Super, Needlestorm – a deadly combination of burst damage and area denial. On cast, the Warlock conjures Strand matter into a barrage of hardened spikes, launching them forward with a wave of their hand. The missiles will stick into enemies and the environment before detonating and reweaving themselves into an army of Threadlings that will hunt down any survivors.


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