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You are on this channel because, you found out yourself lately how the world changes so fast, a aha.

Disruptimes.com is a website that highlights technology, music, business trends and any other niche and genera that cause a disruption in its line of operation.

Whether transport, music, food, life styles, medicine, marketing and business among others.

The collapse of many mighty companies and organizations is as much facilitated by unorthodox technology that creeps up in our line of operation.

Now that’s ironical

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Let me ask you now, where are we now? In the age of disruption of course, after the stone age, fire age, rubber tyre age, internet age and now the disruption age. New ways of doing things is coming up again. Just after battles between the yellow cab and uber, you can personally understand that, times are changing. Want to know the best part?

Why are you in these times anyway? Disruptions in the way humanity thinks is not knew phenomenon. During Isaac Newton’s times, the man behind a library of inventions and formulas had ¾ of his library burnt down!

He, Newton would have caused a disruptive era at a scale unintended.

Albert Heinsten, not in the very hey days led to the founding of an atomic bomb in his formula MC2. The atomic bomb equally struck Hiroshima and Nagasaki to her knees and crippled her military might for years. The final incident in the recent years where a local man in Tunisia who burnt himself live on twitter, you must be wondering ~ this is crazy.

When do we have our times disrupted anyway?

The big question; why is humanity caught unaware? John Bang in his article, …. ‘you cannot use old ways to solve todays problems.the unsettling times set in during the most comfortable days our lives when every thing seems to work contentedly.

When does disruption concern us?

What is the concern by the way? Business will triple over so many imaginary hurdles and lehman brothers, a real estate American bank was among the first prey of disruptive times in recent years. While General motors crumbled in the recent downturn, Detroit a vibrant city was left to harbor ghosts. When such bad things happen, people loose jobs. In such unfriendly times, life would live wall street and settle in silicon valley and create new jobs.

Here is the kicker! Disruptimes is the how in the times of fracas. Disruptimes is a fore seer looking into the past, analyzing the present and explaining the future. Disruptimes is for who is reading this right now. You are able to discover innovative, inventive, ingenious, original, new, novel, fresh, unconventional, unorthodox, off Center, unusual, unfamiliar, and unprecedented, avant-garde, experimental, groundbreaking, pioneering, trailblazer, revolutionary, radical, advanced, newfangled, modern, modernistic, ultramodern, state of the art, futuristic, neoteric. 

Podcasting is the new disruptive technology threatening traditional radio.

A Modern Woman Podcasting

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By Jerry Pen Schneider (Jerry’s Pen)


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