Duolingo app | The trending lives of an app maker, living on windfall dimes of a passive income is not a very new phenomenon.

Let me explain the term “ the Quality of money” 

I first came across this term in a book, the business of the 21st century, by Robert Kiyosaki’s poor dad Rich dad series.

Kiyosaki asks the reader not just how much money he makes but how you make the money and where it comes from.

App developers and startups have already touched the code.

Develop an app and continuously earn from it. Kiyosaki means that you will have to work forever to earn a living and the moment you stop, you definitely become a church mouse.

Robert gives an example of a pressing tap, that’s stops flowing with water whenever you exerting pressure on it

What tha heck?

Whatever your hands touch today must be able to bring in money in the future and forever.

This article is exactly for those people who want to make businesses that work for them!

Have you tried to learn about any language? Or make money using an app? Or even become a passive income generator? And if the answer is yes then this article is for you and those.

The success story of a duolingo app/ duolingo website will always be trending in the world of passive income generation.

Google Capital, just in the earnest of this month valued duolingo languages at $470. With the creation of duolingo for Japanese, duolingo Spanish and duolingo Arabic.

Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker

Luis von Ahn a computer scientist professor at carnergie mellon university in pennyslvania and Severin Hacker who was a student of the former,  the founders of duolingo lived not very lavish life styles before the dawn of their app.

Until one day they, Luis von Ahn the university professor told his student Severin Hacker to start the duolingo app.

What are you waiting for? you don’t to quite your job today. This is passive income brother. Are you a banker, a teacher, or a doctor, simply invest in!

While Luis and Hacker have coded the duolingo app using python, you may not personally be able to start learning python tutorials, there is absolutely no time!!

Once you understand the tools that make a website like duolingo and quizlet, then you re good to go.

First steps in making a Duolingo App

  • A wordpress site
  • A domain name
  • Hosting packages from siteground.com
  • Adobe spark flash cards (this is the main feature in making such a website)

The novice way of learning and memorizing is by use of flash cards. Adobespark.com can save your nut a big time. On top of using flash cards is the use of badges.os as a rewarding system.

However today we shall concentrate on Adobe spark and if possible you can get adobe tutorials and go about it your own way.

Let’s dive in on using features of adobe spark flash cards, like I said duolingo and quizlet apps are trending and often disrupting times of the traditional ways of learning languages.

Adobe Spark Flash Card features | to make a Duolingo App

  • Typography 5Ws (Professional Fonts)
  • Iconic Imagery (use enhanced photos)
  • Professional themes (class layouts)
  • Make an impact (Receive views and likes)
  • Share everywhere (Social media everywhere)
  • Mobile and web optimized (…)
  • Pick from photos and icons and fonts galore

Let’s jumpstart our website

  1. Typography | these are typographic professionally designed fonts.

But what is typography in Flash cards? All writings are good but nice type fonts transcends over and above just any design.


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