Calling all gamers! This coming weekend, Ubisoft is taking you on a Limited Time Trip to the fictional Caribbean island of Yara. For a limited time, every Ubisoft player will have the chance to experience the ultimate gaming adventure – with all Ubisoft games at your fingertips! Don’t miss out on your chance to explore Yara, unlock new challenges and immerse yourself in the world of Ubisoft. Get ready to experience the ultimate gaming getaway – starting this weekend!

It’s time to get your game face on! Starting Thursday 16th February until Monday 20th February, all gamers on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC can join Far Cry 6 protagonist Dani Rojas on his explosive open-world adventure to take down Antón Castillo, the charismatic dictator of Yara. So grab your controller and get ready to take on this battle like a pro!

Gamers aged 15 and over, get ready for Far Cry 6! You can enjoy a big old chunk of Far Cry 6 for free over the duration of the event – including the base game, and its crossover missions inspired by Rambo: All the Blood and Stranger Things. Better yet, Ubisoft is enabling co-op so that you and your friends can join forces and take on the game together. Plus, if you choose to team up in co-op mode, you’ll unlock the exclusive in-game White Lotus Sniper Rifle! So for all you brave warriors out there, are you ready for the ultimate Far Cry 6 adventure? Get ready, set, go!

If you’re a hardcore gaming fan, the free weekend for Far Cry 6 should be something you can’t miss! Take your chance to explore the world of Far Cry in all its immersive glory and see if it’s a game worth investing in. The Eurogamer review of 2021 gave it a thumbs up and a solid rating, so you know it’s reliable to play. And don’t miss that if you decide to pick up the full game after the event has concluded, all your progress will be carried over! That makes it even more worth the punt! So go on, let Far Cry 6 into your gaming life – you won’t regret it!

Calling all gamers 18 and up! Check out this awesome deal from Ubisoft! Get amazing discounts—between 50% and 70%—on Far Cry 6 for a limited time only! Choose from a variety of versions to make sure you get the perfect game for you. Don’t wait; get your gaming on and take advantage of these deals now!

Enhance your gaming experience with Far Cry 6! Ubisoft is offering massive discounts of up to 70%, for a limited time, across all Far Cry 6 versions. This is your chance to get your hands on one of the most highly acclaimed and exciting games of the year – and for a steal! Don’t miss out – get Far Cry 6 now and let the adventure begin!


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