Free Video Phone Calls in Uganda: Use Google Duo and Spend no Money at All

Google Duo Video Phone Calls in Uganda
Google Duo Video Phone Calls in Uganda. Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Why You Do Not Need to Spend Money on Telephone calls.

Have you heard of Google Duo, if not then you are losing lots of money every day?


If you’re one of the people who spend Shs. 1,000 every day on airtime multiply that by 365 days you’ll get a total sum of Shs. 365,000. Divide Shs.365000 by the number of beers which cost 3500 @, this will give you 105 bottles of beer.

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Do you realize that sometimes you don’t even have the Shs. 1000 load for airtime and for the high-end niche Ugandans who spend over 10,000 shillings per day multiply that by 365 days which equals to 3065000 shillings this equates to rent of 300,000 per month in Nalya Estates

Even as little as 1000 per day on airtime and in a year it will be 365,000, at least this money can buy you a pair of good sports shoes from the Adidas store at Kampala Boulevard

You can also use the Shs. 365000 to organize a birthday for your girlfriend or an engagement function for your soon-to-be lady –  Like use that money to buy her a ring and what you are left with is to kneel down on one leg before her and say “Will You Mary Me’

Did you know that installing the Google Duo app on your phone can send you lots of dime.

How to Install Google Duo on your Android Phone

Visit Google play store on your Phone.

The changing times with the changing technology

Africell has left Uganda and she may have left for other reasons except that the future of all tech Giants is at stake. Disruptive times ( features how technology is being replaced – from how novels used to consume people’s time to radio to TV, internet

Let me ask you, do you think, M-Pesa will continue doing business after the Invention of voice call and video chat apps like Google duo, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram  

What Is Google Duo?

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Today we are going to see how you can personally use Google duo to make free high-quality video calls. Imagine the Google Duo Slogan ‘together in the moment’ this is exactly the future of telephoning

Google duo works on android, iPhone, tablets, computers and as a web app.

You Can Do the Following things with Google Duo!

  • make calls video calls
  • set up groups for your friends and family
  • let friends know that you have joined
  • make more fun with the entire family
  • talk privately under your bed sheets with your boyfriend
  • send a little love their way  
  • make video calls for fun
  • capture special moments

The History of Google Duo

  1. It’s a video chat mobile app
  2. It was developed by Google
  3. It’s available on both Android and iOS operating systems
  4. It’s available on both Android and Iphone
  5. It was launched by Google at the developer conference on May 18th 2016
  6. the app is similar to Zoom, WhatsApp Facetime and Instagram

If Google Duo works for you, please respond in the comments.


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