The menstrual cup, How to use may seem awkward.

You’re a Virgin! the reds have come and your friend introduces to you the menstral cup.

This article introduces you to the steps in using the Menstrual cup and the 9+ myths, as a virgin, you should know.

As you read this article you say to your self, ” well i am not a virgin.”

For one reason all women who must continue reading this article is because the menstrual cup is unconventional product. Very few women know about them.

By the end of this article you should have thrown away your Tampons and Pads!

But what is a menstrual cup?

A picture of a menstrual cup

A menstrual cup is a bell-shaped like product which a female person inserts into the vagina during her menstruation period. The ideal behind this is to collect blood.

How to use it follows very simple and clear guidelines. however, before we go to the way you can use it. lets first understand what it means.

The major use of it is to prevent menstrual blood from leaking into a girls cloth other than using pads or tampons.

We feature menstrual cups on since mentioned it as at least unconventional product.

The menstrual cup came to market in 1965, and can be used for over 5 years… girls need to boil these cups for atleast every after each menestrual period.

Guidelines on how to use the menstrual cup

  1. Sterilize the cup for about 5 minutes. literally this means you can boil the silicon medical grade material. it will not damage
  2. Fold it in either punch down fold or a c-fold
  3. Insert the folded cup into your vagina.
  4. Rotate it to make it open. (In case it was failing to open)
  5. Remove it when it is full of blood and poor away
  6. Wash it with water and follow again from steps 1 to 4

Graphical art showing a woman inserting a menstrual cup

9+ Myths virgins should know about menstrual cups

  1. Menstrual cups cannot be used by virgins
  2. Can not pee while wearing it
  3. Blood will flow back to the uterus
  4. it causes endometriosis
  5. it can lead to staining
  6. it can cause a Toxic shock syndrome (TSS)
  7. You can boil it and it dissolves
  8. You can not sleep with a menstrual cup
  9. Inserting it into your vagina is painful
  10. It must be inserted by a doctor.

All the above assertions are not true

However note that the Menstrual cup can get stuck inside the vagina. Please read my next article on removing the it.

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The article is written by Jerry Schneider.



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