Naughty Dog games, under its Naughty Dog Careers, is recently hiring an Associate Multiple player Quality Assurance / Development Support on its careers page. The career is most likely fronting The Last of Us games among other multiplayer titles.

According to Wikipedia, A multiplayer video game is a video game in which more than one person can play in the same game environment at the same time, either locally on the same computing system (couch co-op), on different computing systems via a local area network, or a wide area network, most commonly the Internet” Forinstance on Playsation 5

Before it’s even officially announced as to which particular Naughty Dog games will include multiplayer, the Last of Us is a top focus for this role as many gamers have been waiting for this for so long.

Naughty Dog Games This year was slated to release the Last of Us 2 with a multiplayer function but had too much on her hands for its game development. Naughty Dogs doesn’t take this Multiplayer Component game development as a simple online but wants to give its fans a new experience. This is because even without a multiplayer mode, the Last of us remains an ambitious project to play in a single mode.

According to Naughty Dog Careers, The Associate Multiple player Quality Assurance / Development Support must have the following 

  1. identify, log, and maintain gameplay issues; 
  2. do bug regression testing when applicable; 
  3. have a working knowledge of the PS4 and PS5 ecosystems; 
  4. bring in a high level of sensibility and attention to detail to the company’s “first standalone multiplayer project” but also follows that up by defining the role as “quality assurance/development support with a focus on our multiplayer titles 
Assassin : Naughty Dog Games “Might Have Two Multiplayer Games in Development Now”

Assassins’ Creed Valha

What is in offing is the multiplayer game development will be slated this year any time from now. Hence, Naughty Dog Games Might Have Two Multiplayer Games in Development in 2023


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