Pretty Banks Insido to DJ Nimrod Stomach; I would date any man but not with a big stomach

Insido Photo Credit : Pearl Tunes
Photo Credit : Pearl Tunes

Pretty Banks Insido : Galaxy TV The Big Bang Show

On the Big Bang Show, women have revealed how they hate men with big stomachs
Pretty Banks Tusingwire; the Insido Star has revealed how he hates and would date any man but not with a big stomach. The inside star continues to say that she would not date a man with no money, but even when that man has a big stomach like Nimrods she would not date.

Tusingwire who seems reserved about mentioning that she hails from western Uganda, said this on close range, imagine inside galaxy studios on point blank.

The producers of the big bang show

decided to play an advert exactly after these questions below,
DJ Nimrod; what type of man would you choose in the studio
Pretty Banks Tusingwire; I would date any man but not one with a big stomach
She said this when on a big bang show on galaxy Tv. This show is hosted by DJ Nimrod hosting Hatima + Dockey Pretty Banks and John Blaq.

Insido Photo Credit : Pearl Tunes
Photo Credit : Pearl Tunes

After the advert, John BLAQ choose to defend the stomach, but he was given noise audience.
This is not the first-time musicians are getting interested in the Nimrod Stomach, and causing a frisky controversy. However, this frolicsome controversy doesn’t sway DJ Nimrod, not yuen the Ooooh! Dj Nimrod the winner of #EmpaleWansiChallenge where the website hosted the challenge.

The big bang show ambivalently show cased the John Blaq Music; the guy has great music; he is supposed to cross international and cross over to Nigeria. But up to now only Baraka is hyped on the streets of Kampala International.
The show as well hyped the Zzina Festival which is to show case in Buloba Forest Beach this month.
The next article is on Hatim and Dokey


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