Its the business of the future is to be dangerous!

The human hybrid monkey god is alive as of today from the news published by

Neural Dust, Bioelectronic medicine connected to your brain

The human monkey evolution story is another thing but the researchers in Murcia Catholic University (UCAM) in Spain and the Salk institute have altered the Human and monkey DNA

Disruptive Times = Disruptive Tech: What if Human brain cells enter Monkeys, The Film APES is uncoded today, It’s real and it will happen: Read more

Scientists grow first-ever HUMAN-MONKEY embryo in ‘promising’ step for organ harvesting

The human and monkey similarities is no longer a big story since the human hybrid monkey god is alive.

The fight against the human monkey DNA has been raging for years now

We have also come to know of such things like:

  1. The human monkey god
  2. Human monkey DNA
  3. Human monkeypox,
  4. Monkey hug(s) human,
  5. monkey growing with human,
  6. monkey with human eyes
  7. Human with monkey tail
  8. Monkey holding human baby

10 Things to know about this Human Monkey Hybrid – Chimera: the scaring story of Human Chimerism

“Clearly if any animal born had aspects of human appearance, their faces, their hands, their skin, then I suspect, while scientifically very interesting, people might get a little upset with that.”

1. Chimera – an organism with cells coming from different species

Greek mythology first time describes a chimera as a beast, it not enough? where is God in all this?

Ethically speaking the future can turn out to be so dangerous.

  1. American and Spanish researchers in china created mouse-human chimeras
  2. Japanese researchers such as Prof Hiromitsu Nakauchi received government support to create mouse-human chimeras

2. The good and bad side of the human monkey god

Prof Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte from the Salk Institute in the US who made these chimeras or human monkey hybrids,

confirms that once the times for organ harvesting starts, Organ rejection and lack of organs for transplantation will be forgotten. This story takes us to china.

3. China is involved in the Human monkey DNA

The question is why China!

Please forget that weird story where organ harvesting is done on prisoners in china. that may not even be true.

the reason why this research of Human monkey DNA alteration was carried out in China was to avoid legal issues according to the


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