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    A man killed in Virtual Reality Video Scary. Virtual reality is among the new comers of disruptive technology. Virtual reality videos that are scary is as well a new phenomena. You tubers with the ability to buy virtual reality headsets have started posting these videos online.

    What is virtual reality?

    According to a website marxentlabs VR is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment, this will involve seeing through a gadget like Google cardboard or occulus rift.

    Caution: Don’t make your kids watch through any VR gadget without your supervision.

    Here are some some popular virtual reality (VR) scary experiences that you can search for online. Keep in mind that experiences and videos can vary in intensity and content, so exercise caution and consider your personal comfort level before diving into intense horror VR experiences. Here are a few notable ones:

    1. “Resident Evil 7 VR”:

    This game puts you in the shoes of Ethan Winters as he explores a derelict house filled with terrifying creatures. The VR version intensifies the horror, providing an immersive and chilling experience.

    Resident Evil 7 VR” is a bone-chilling nightmare that will haunt your every waking moment. With its immersive virtual reality technology, you’ll be thrust into a horrifying first-person perspective where fear becomes your constant companion. The photorealistic graphics and meticulous attention to detail create a terrifyingly lifelike environment, teeming with grotesque creatures and macabre surprises that will make your blood run cold.

    The spine-tingling audio design heightens the tension, amplifying every creak, whisper, and scream. As you navigate the claustrophobic setting armed with limited resources, the suffocating sense of helplessness will grip you, ensuring “Resident Evil 7 VR” will leave you trembling in terror like no other horror experience before.

    2. “The Exorcist: Legion VR”:

    Based on the popular horror franchise, this game puts you in the role of a detective investigating supernatural events. Prepare for demonic encounters, jump scares, and eerie environments.

    The Exorcist: Legion VR plunges you into a realm of unspeakable horror. As you don the VR headset, dread grips your soul, for you are no longer a mere spectator, but an active participant in a chilling supernatural battle. The eerie atmosphere seeps into your very being, as demonic whispers caress your ears and a putrid stench engulfs your senses.

    Each step you take brings you closer to demonic entities that leer at you with malevolent intent. The grotesque contortions of possessed bodies send shivers down your spine, while the primal screams of the damned echo through the corridors of your mind. In this twisted realm, there is no escape, only terror that lingers long after you’ve removed the headset.

    3. “A Chair in a Room: Greenwater”:

    This psychological horror VR game immerses you in a mysterious and unsettling atmosphere. As you explore a dilapidated hospital and uncover its dark secrets, expect creepy encounters and disturbing moments.

    A Chair in a Room: Greenwater thrusts you into a waking nightmare, where darkness becomes your tormentor. Step into a desolate room, haunted by sinister secrets and suffocating despair. The decaying walls whisper chilling tales of forgotten anguish, while a thick fog of dread consumes your every breath. As you uncover twisted clues, spectral apparitions materialize, their ghastly visages searing into your mind.

    The oppressive silence is shattered by spine-chilling screams that reverberate through your very soul. Shadows dance in the corner of your vision, malevolent and ever-watchful. Reality blurs, and the line between nightmare and existence blurs with it. In this labyrinth of fear, your only companion is your own unraveling sanity.

    4. “Paranormal Activity:

    The Lost Soul”: Inspired by the popular movie series, this VR game puts you in the middle of a haunted house, where you must uncover the truth behind the paranormal occurrences while trying to survive.

    Paranormal Activity immerses you in a haunting that defies reason. Innocent home footage morphs into a harrowing descent into terror. As the nights unfold, unseen forces twist the fabric of reality, stirring a malevolence that lurks just beyond sight. Every creak, whisper, and flicker of the lights becomes a chilling reminder of an otherworldly presence.

    You watch in helpless horror as the mundane becomes a canvas for supernatural malevolence. Footsteps approach your bed, the sheets are yanked away, and an icy breath brushes against your neck. Demonic whispers infiltrate your dreams, tainting them with unending dread. In this haunted realm, your sense of safety shatters, leaving you vulnerable to a terror that knows no boundaries.

    5. “Five Nights at Freddy’s VR:

    Help Wanted”: Based on the popular horror game franchise, this VR experience places you in the shoes of a night guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Prepare to face animatronic creatures in a tense and jump scare-filled environment.

    Five Nights at Freddy’s VR plunges you into a nightmarish realm of animatronic horrors. As you don the virtual reality headset, a sense of dread grips your very soul. The eerie ambiance seeps through your skin, as the dilapidated pizzeria comes to life with mechanical monstrosities. Their hollow, lifeless eyes follow your every move, and their creaking footsteps echo ominously in the darkness.

    As the nights progress, the animatronics grow more relentless, their erratic movements becoming more unpredictable and terrifying. With every jump scare, your heart races, and cold sweat drips down your trembling body. In this virtual nightmare, you are trapped, and the line between the game and reality blurs, leaving you vulnerable to the clutches of these sadistic machines.

    6.  “The Manor: Horror VR Experience” : Most scary VR video dare to watch on google cardboard”

    This video resembles a hallway with a feminine figure in the right of passage where you have to pass, this will creep easily towards you, by the time you think the femine figure is the furthest. it creeps out and shouts at you with blood all over its feet.

    One of the most terrifying VR videos to experience on Google Cardboard is “The Manor: Horror VR Experience.” Brace yourself as you step into a decrepit mansion consumed by darkness. The unsettling atmosphere creeps under your skin, as haunting whispers and distant screams fill the air. Shadows dance around you, teasing the boundary between reality and nightmare.

    Malevolent entities lurk in every corner, their grotesque visages sending shivers down your spine. As you explore the haunted halls, jump scares and unexpected encounters await, testing your courage and sanity. Be prepared for a heart-stopping journey that will leave you questioning your own perception of fear.

    7. ‘Stranger things’ Netflix virtual reality scary VR video.

    stranger Things

    Stranger things’ Netflix virtual reality scary VR video.

    The scariest VR video dubbed stranger things is an intro into VR videos by Netflix. This VR Game is based on Netflix original by the same name stranger things. Things

    The year is 1980 and there are stranger things happening in a small Indiana town, Hawkins. People start disappearing amid the occurance of supernatural events.

    Step into the Upside Down with Stranger Things’ Netflix virtual reality experience. As you don the headset, darkness engulfs you, and eerie whispers fill your ears. Demogorgons lurk in the shadows, their jagged teeth gleaming with malice. The familiar town of Hawkins turns into a labyrinth of horrors, where every corner hides a new nightmare. Brace yourself for a spine-chilling encounter that blurs the line between the real world and the twisted realm of the Upside Down.

    You become an investigator (Winon Ryder). Begin looking for a young boy Will, that has just disappeared. What is strange is a young girl has just appeared but with psychokinetic abilities

    8. Virtual reality roller coaster: scary VR Video with sea Kraken

    Virtual Reality Video Scary
    Virtual Reality Video Scary

    Virtual Reality Video Scary
    This is a VR roller coaster that submerges you into the deep ocean.
    Under water expect to see the Virtual Reality Monsters

    • Under water monsters
    • giant kraken
    • sea monsters

    This virtual reality video was published by Onrichflow.

    Experience the terror of the deep with the Virtual Reality Roller Coaster: Sea Kraken. Strap yourself in as the coaster hurtles into the depths of the ocean. The sea churns ominously beneath you, and a colossal tentacled beast emerges from the murky depths. Its massive eyes fixate on you, and its razor-sharp tentacles thrash violently.

    As the coaster twists and turns, you feel the creature’s icy breath on your neck. The sensation of being hunted intensifies with each heart-stopping drop. Prepare for a harrowing ride where the line between thrills and horror blurs, and the Kraken’s grip tightens with every spine-tingling twist.

    9. “SCARY NUN VR 360° Video [Google Cardboard] Horror Virtual Reality Videos 360° “

    virtual Reality video scary
    virtual Reality video scary

    A picture of a nun: coming out of the wall! This VR is Crazy. Lets say you keep running in the hallway. lights are on and off. the wall is patterned with vintage wall paper. Before you know , the door burst open. You start falling down into darkness. Circular beems of light start rotating around you.

    In the depths of the eerie virtual realm, a terrifying nun materializes, her pale face twisted with malevolence. As you don the Google Cardboard, her chilling whispers infiltrate your mind, filling it with unspeakable dread. The room darkens, and her ghastly form floats closer, her bony fingers reaching out to touch your trembling soul. The demonic presence intensifies, engulfing you in a nightmarish vortex of horror. Escape becomes futile as the Scary Nun VR 360° Video becomes your inescapable nightmare.

    Doyou see a picture of a nun on the wall. My ghoosh! the picture of a nun will start coming after you, and Damn

    10. New Scary Roller Coaster 3D Video: Virtual Reality Creepy Videos for Smartphone & VR Box or Gear VR

    This is not your normal roller coaster, its an octopus roller coaster, and You re not riding alone. Do you know skeletons! have you ridden a path full of skeltons. these are not collegues my friend.

    Enter the realm of terror as the roller coaster plunges into darkness, your heart pounding in sync with the twisted screams echoing around you. The eerie 3D visuals dance before your eyes, morphing into grotesque creatures lurking in the shadows. The tracks creak beneath you, threatening to give way as the coaster hurtles through spine-chilling loops and treacherous drops. A malevolent presence engulfs your senses, taunting your deepest fears. Brace yourself for a harrowing ride that will leave you questioning reality itself.

    Remember to prioritize your safety qand comfort while exploring these experiences. It’s important to take breaks and be aware of any potential motion sickness or discomfort that VR can sometimes cause.

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