But what is Gogoro?

Gogoro is an electric smart scooter. In simple terms, Gogoro smart scooter leverages on the ideology of battery swapping infrastructure.

The smart scooter is a taiwanese brand found by Horace Luke and Matt Tayler. Can you imagine riding to a place of serenity and find one thing The …

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… the Gostation recharging center. 

However stop thinking ordinarily, you are not going to recharge. 

Horace and his co founder Matt sought out a plan to leverage on technology for the benefit our society. The duo confirms that our society is at the edge of disruption. In their own words i quote”our society is at a tipping point”

Gogoro is two things in one the Gogoro smart scooter and the Gogoro network which harbours the Gostations

Reason One: Gogoro scooter is electric and not a transport system like Uber

The Gogoro electric scooter is a product and not a system like uber or lyft.

However much a system spreads like a wildfire, systems are beaten at odds by products. Disruptive times has come to know that actually gogoro smart scooter uses electrically charged batteries to run its business.

2nd: Gogoro 2 is self-drive while Uber is not yet!

While it will take time for Uber to enter self-drive autos, more so driverless cars. Gogoro 2 is a ready self driver smart scooter.

Made for speed, performance, and riding mechanics, Gogoro S Performance autos are designed to giving you a terrific electrifying (be cautious not to dream while riding) trip every time you ride.

Riders be warned, that Gogoro S2 ABS’ thrill is seriously addictive.

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