Chartered industrial loan companies are potentially risking the banking sector by wanting to operate like banks but are not. Law makers are expressing concern that such banks blend financial services and other commercial activities.

Blaine Luetkemyer says that if a bank wants to be, let it be regulated like a bank.

At a hearing last week, they questioned whether the process sought by financial technology companies that have no history of taking deposits will give these companies a backdoor entry into banking that could exempt them from some oversight.

Last week there was a hearing, the major question was is it “Banking Innovation or Regulatory Evasion,” the issue of content is should financial techs companies obtain deposit insurance lawmakers fuss over big companies

Ed Perlmutter, the representative of D-Colo believes that there must be market fairness and financial stability. Traditional banks cannot be regulated while Fintechs be on the loose. This was concluded by the hearing which was held on banking charters on April 15.

A need for consolidated supervision

The major worry is the monopolistic tendency of the big giants; big Wall Street, big tech and big retail.

Consolidated supervision allows banking regulators to ensure that large conglomerates aren’t “playing games” with the subventions and privileges that come with banking, Gerding said. Industrial mortgage companies aren’t subject to “consolidated supervision” by the Federal Reserve, the mechanism through which the regulator can track risk and activity across a conglomerate, including nonbank subsidiaries of a bank.

Courts apprehended up the implementation of the charter that would have allowed financial technology companies to avoid seeking approval on a state-by-state basis.

Lawmakers dedicated less time at last week’s hearing to interrogations about another road for fintech: the special resolution national bank charters that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued to fintechs in 2016.

To this day and in future what seemed so separate is now intertwined.


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