The Leadership Training Program for Boda boda Riders

President Museveni has of today 4th may 2024 given Boda boda riders shs.500,000= each

This was at a function in Kaweweta at the OlIVA REGINALD TAMBO LEADERSHIP SCHOOL – KAWEWETA

Today the president has been officiating a function code named “Lecture on Opportunities for Boda Boda Leaders From Kampala and Wakiso.”

The main aim of the function was to sum up the recently concluded training of Boda Boda leaders training program. This training program concluded by acknowledging that going forward all boda boda riders will be given uniforms.

The president concluded the ceremony by giving all boda boda leaders who attended the training program shs.500,000= each for transport.

There was jubilation and lullabies from the tent where these leader riders were seated. There is hope among the leaders of boda boda riders that they will fervidly form associations and SACCOs were the presidency will top up the savings.

But why are Boda boda leader riders being trained?

While other reasons may be political, what we know is at least in the fiasco of boda boda riding in Uganda.

The 2021 Annual Crime and Traffic/Road Safety report documented 4,159 road accident fatalities nationwide. Among these, 1,390 fatalities were motorcycle riders and 528 were motorcycle passengers. This equates to approximately four individuals losing their lives daily due to boda boda accidents, with around 116 fatalities occurring monthly.

Faridah Nampiima, the spokesperson for the traffic police, noted that many victims lacked crash helmets, resulting in head injuries upon impact with the road surface. She further highlighted that the deceased riders often displayed recklessness, particularly when navigating junctions.

The traffic police have been cracking down on boda boda riders who aren’t wearing crash helmets and reflective jackets. So far, they’ve confiscated 12,217 motorcycles. But after paying the Express penalty tickets, owners have gotten back 10,167 of them.


This institution, previously known as the political school since its establishment in 1981, has been renamed, marking a new phase for the old NRA/UPDF establishment. As the NRA traversed different locations for training and combat, the school mirrored its mobility, shifting from the Luwero Triangle to Kasese, Buhweju in Bushenyi, State Lodge-Entebbe (1986-1989), Kitara on Entebbe Road (1990-1997), Jinja (1997-2007), and finally settling in Kaweweta since 2008. The decision to rename it reflects the close collaboration between the African Union Congress (ANC) Leadership and our Commander in Chief, President H.E YK Museveni.


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